About Softalya

Developing smart, reliable software to unlock growth


Whether you are looking to modernize, gain a competitive edge, or even overcome an operational issue — we are experts in providing worthwhile solutions to enable your company’s growth. Our core values distinguish us from others, guide our corporate culture, and are at the heart of everything we do. All employees at Softalya are taught these values from day one and achieve successful results by applying them accordingly.

Our values

Delivering quality work on schedule

Not only do we provide industry-leading software, we also strive to deliver them within your expected timeframe. We value the quality, timeliness, and affordability of the software just as much as you do.

Teamwork and pragmatism

By fostering teamwork and group solidarity within our staff, we are able to solve complex problems swiftly and pragmatically. We always share our successes in a team setting and strive to learn from one another.

Continuity and consistency of service

The Manifesto for Agile Software Development states that software teams should deliver functional software within a few weeks to a few months, aiming for the shortest possible timeframe. One of the core values of Softalya is to fully comply with these principles in our day-to-day practices.

Sharing the process

Whenever we deliver a successful project, we take pride in sharing this accomplishment. In the event of a problem or lack of communication, we will do our best to resolve the issue as well as take your perspective into consideration.

Finding joy in diligence

Softalya's team acknowledges that they may have to go the extra mile for clients from time to time, but this will not deter them from enjoying their work. As a company, we understand that bringing our clients' dreams to life requires both an honorable and passionate approach.

A direct, honest, and transparent approach

It is our policy to be forthright about project requirements, costs, and schedules. Each step of the process is communicated to you in transparency; this way, you are able to see firsthand that no information is withheld from you. We also extend this same honesty to employees within company walls.

Softalya, Antalya is a Turkey-based, tech-oriented web and mobile application development company that offers IT services. Aside from our core business, we also deliver cost-effective solutions to companies around the world with the same dedication. Our team of capable and driven professionals is unmatched in their ability to give wings to clients’ wishes. Through this developer team, we provide clients with comprehensive solutions – regardless of the complexity of their demands. We specialize in a wide range of fields, such as Web Apps, Mobile Apps, e-Commerce Solutions, and Digital Marketing. Thanks to our versatile services, our clients are able to reach their business objectives in full precision. Many local and global businesses around the world have already benefited from our services. Our highly-praised performance is due to the fact that we make everything seamless and hassle-free from consulting to distribution. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about the extraordinary world our services can create for you.